LCDQuote Technical Assistance

LCDQuote Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance for LCD's, Touchscreens, and Inverters

Not sure of what is causing your display not to work? We're happy to help.

Having shipped hundreds of thousands of displays over our nearly 20 year history, we've seen quite a few patterns of what goes wrong with a display and what the highest probability causes are. If you're not sure whether the whole display is bad, or just the backlight or inverter -we're happy to get on the phone with you and talk through the problem so that we guide you toward the best solution. This could save you several days or weeks of potential downtime and save on the frustration of shipping items back and forth.

Feel free to give us a call or email us today at:

1-888-394-6077 (within the USA)
+01.909.355.3200 (Outside of USA)